Dear Mental Illness

A little backstory to this one. I follow Mental Health on The Mighty ( ) on Facebook and one post asked if you could write your mental illness a quick note what would it say? Apparently when I think sometimes I think in poetry because this is what came to me. Wrote and posted it in 5 minutes so not perfect but it is what is.

What would a note to my mental illness be? 
Hmm..let’s see what happens when my thoughts flow free.
I know you’re a part of who I am, my identity. 
All because of the twisted things that were done to me. 
I fought you off thinking if I ignored you, you would go away. 
But it’s looking like you’re kind of determined to stay.
Broke me down, beat me up, made me suicidal. 
At rock bottom started fighting for my life though. 
Now that I understand all the things that I’ve been through. 
I can finally say….I accept you.

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